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About Us​

We create strategic viral marketing campaigns for partners across the globe! Through our projects, we work with brands in the gaming Industry including hardware manufacturers, software developers, and game publishing companies. We even love doing projects for companies outside of the gaming niche that want to be seen by the gaming community!

The Mission

Making waves in the gaming niche, whether we’re building out a strategic marketing campaign with a brand or working with a client to forge an overkill PC. We’re dedicated to creating something special. We work hard for our clients to accomplish THEIR goals while also working on ours. Achieving “Firsts” and breaking records is what drives us.

Lucas Wyman (Founder and CEO)

Why work with us?

Overkill Team in Conference Room

We only work with clients that have vision! People who want to do big things in the gaming community. If we take you on as a client, you’ll meet with our team so we can establish your goals. We use these goals to create the “Mission”. What are you are trying to accomplish? Views, downloads, installs, sales? We get strategic, building out a custom tailored campaign. Optimizing for viral content with video production that puts the gaming niche in a state of shock and awe. If you think that his fits your company. Fill out the form below!