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After a Custom PC request, What's next?

After submitting a custom build request, our build manager will contact you via email and ask about the vision of your build. He will then setup a video meeting with our team so we can collaborate on your Overkill PC. Once we feel the vision of your build is locked in we will send you a quote for your gaming pc. If you accept the quote you will make payment, then we get to work! The computer builder will provide you with direct updates on your build. If we have any new or exciting products that we can use for your build, we will ask for your permission. You will have the direct line of your custom PC Builder if you have any questions. We aim to make this like Christmas throughout the build, teasing you with pictures, videos and saucy build updates! This is a truly custom experience.

How do you test Gaming PC's?

One of the reasons why building a PC the right way takes time is due to running the proper tests. We have a testing manager who painstakingly runs tests on your PC for up to 24-48 hours after it's built. Once the testing is complete, he generates a report that you will have access to. Your PC is then hand-checked by the operations manager and the shipping manager before it ships!

How do you ship your PC's?

We take the shipping of these beasts very seriously. For smaller PCs, we use Instapak expanding foam on the interior of the PC. Then, we place the PC in its original protective box, and finally put that box inside a thick double-walled box cushioned with foam. We also use fiberglass-reinforced tape to seal it shut.

In the case of our massive gaming PCs, we also use a lot of foam and the original box. Then, we package it inside a wooden crate with a pallet base. These crates are shipped via UPS Freight on a special semi-truck with a lift gate.

Do you have shipping insurance?

We use UPS insurance on ALL of our outbound shipments standard. This covers the PC in the unfortunate event of a carrier damaging your PC or in the rare occurrence something went missing in transit.


What is the warranty on your gaming PC's?

All of our gaming PCs have a standard one-year warranty. Although our hardware failures are rare, we understand that things can happen, so if there is a defect or hardware failure, we act as quickly as we can to get your rig back up and running. Sometimes, we may need to help you find a repair shop near you. We vet these shops and make sure they know what they're doing. We then work directly with them to get the faulty parts switched out. On rarer occasions, if we believe that the fastest way to get you back up and running is to send you a box with a return label to get the PC back to us, we will do so. In short, we are here for you. Please note that software issues, problems from Windows updates, viruses or game issues are not covered, as these are out of our control. Nonetheless, should you encounter these problems, we are more than willing to point you in the right direction.

What happens after delivery

You're part of the Overkill Computers family! You already have your Builder's number! If you have any questions or need help with your PC, you can always contact us. If you need help setting up your PC, we're there. If you break something toying around with the hardware, we're there!

Do you ship Internationally?

The only way to order an Overkill Gaming PC if you're outside of the USA or Canada is to use the Custom Build request form found below. This is because shipping gaming PCs over the sea can be more complicated than you'd think! A safe shipment, that's insured and covered all the way through customs may be different for each country. Therefore, we only allow someone to order internationally if they use our special custom build form. We take extra care in making sure the logistics are covered and well planned with international orders. Also, be aware that you will fall under the terms of our custom build program. This means a $10,000 minimum build cost. And you will be fully liable for the shipping, insurance, and customs fees. If you're interested in a PC Build and you are outside the USA or Canada, you can fill out the form on our Custom PC's page.

Do you offer financing?

We do not at this time offer financing. 

How do I get custom artwork?

We offer three different types of custom artwork. Printed art being the most cost effective, but if you’d like to go overkill, we have TWO in house air brush artists to pick from.

One specializes in space and glow in the dark airbrush painting. And the other is a realism airbrush artist! Gerardo can literally make a lifelike battle scene and put your face on a soldier! SKY IS THE LIMIT! If you want art on your gaming PC you can contact us for a quote after you submit a custom build request.

History of Overkill

You can find who we are and our history at the about us page or read about how Overkill Computers started here ---> History of Overkill

Questions not answered? Feel free to ask us here!

We’re most likely smack dab in the middle of a film project, but if you shoot us an email we'll do our best to get back to you soon. Due to overwhelming emails and requests we can’t respond to everyone. But if you’re serious about collaborating on a marketing project please go to the marketing page and fill out the contact form!