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MEdia Production

We create the perfect media for maximum conversion.

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We are a creative team of media production professionals who understand what works for content.

Have a product launch that you need to film in a specific style? We can handle that for you!

Media Production Options

Camera Options

We offer 3 options:

  1. Cannon R5 Camera4K Video Files
  2. Cannon R5 Camera8K RAW Video
  3. RED Raptor Cinema Camera8K RAW Video

Set Options

Stock Background Options: Graffiti Set, Green Screen, White backdrop, Gray Backdrop, Black Backdrop, RGB Gaming background

Custom Built Set Design: We have the ability to build a custom set area in our warehouse only used for your products. We can custom build this design completely to your liking!

Post Production Options
  1. Text Animations: After Effects animations with sound effects identifying each feature of the product as they are being shown on video.
  2. Voice Over: A professional voiceover talking about the features of the product. 

Notion Board & Raw Files

We will create a Notion project management board that we will share with your team. All content and videos will be organized here at every stage of production. The point is to have an area that we can not only utilize for this project, but for any other project that your brand contracts Overkill to work on in the future! We like to stay organized so we can easily be activated at the drop of a hat.

All the videos that we shoot will be saved as a raw file that you are more than welcome to use personally for other projects or your social platforms. We also store these files so we can help you create future videos with the content if you so desire!

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