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Fish Tank Project

This fish tank project may have looked like just another wild video of someone doing something impractical with a gaming pc. And by many characteristics it was! But we DID have a goal with this project 👇🏻
This project was designed (and scripted) from the start to create instant curiosity! Coming across this social post directly from swipe it told people what they were about to seat in and watch “A gaming PC in a fish Tank”! Much of the success of scripting is building intrigue and having the viewer ask themself questions. Many times we put these questions in their head by showing them a problem and resolution and letting them know they WILL get the gratification of finding out WHAT the ANSWER is. Viewers also need to feel interested in the concept regardless of what they know about the subject already or what walk of like they’re from. MOST people understand that liquid and computers should not go hand in hand. Pairing the phycological side of getting someone HOOKED in the beginning and keeping them on becomes more and more of an art form over time. Gone are the days of just getting someone interested in the beginning of a social with the good hook. You have to keep delivering throughout the social. What they see and hear is important but what you can get them to FEEL while watching a video is key! For hearing we have sounds of the rocks, the tools and hardware we use these to try and create an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). We also have the perfectly picked track. Positive and uplifting, we don’t use stress or negativity. Lastly for sound we have the narration. There is no substitute for planning and a WELL written script. Most times when we write scripts we start with an in house outline we’ve created over the years. It details the components and anatomy of a viral formatted video (Many brush across in this post). We brainstorm how we can get the most out of a project premise, talk about how to strategically insert the “Goal” in a creative and natural way. The goal is usually talking about a product of sponsor. It shouldn’t always feel painful to hear about a company that has a product of value. It should feel seamless the way its introduced but have enough PUNCH to stick into peoples heads. We want people to say “Oh have you seen” to people when they share it with friends and mention the brands involved. It keeps us and the sponsor on the forefront of their minds.


If you have to ask that then we’ve done our Job! 😜 The entire goal of this project was to show the liquid from Submer! That’s right, the genius is that we built the entire concept around this liquid from the beginning! Comments were blowing up with people debating about the liquid and the project. It was shared by hundreds of thousands of people and viewed over 34,000,000 times! To put that into perspective this video has a total of 429,635 Hours of watch time. This little couple minute video factors to OVER 49 YEARS of people looking at this content! If you’ve read this far you may be looking to work with us. We work with brands and influencers all the time and we’d love to work on a strategic marketing campaign with you! Feel free to submit a form below to unlock a video chat with our team!

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