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Overkill Battle Station

The Overkill Battle Station is a desk PC chassis with the ultimate features. You can order this desk directly from Xylem design and build it yourself! If you want a complete build with a custom Gaming PC in the desk you can opt to have the desk shipped directly from Xylem design to Overkill Gaming.

If you’re outside of the USA you can even have the desk shipped directly to Singularity Computers! Keep in mind that there is an optional Distribution block set that you can also order from Singularity if you want to go water cooled! Check out both Xylem and Singularity below to get your order started today! 

     Overkill Battle Station Features:

  • Large Customizable “Tub” for Gaming PC Build Area WITH clear glass top panel
  • Support for multiple components, including EATX board, 3-slot GPU, and more
  • Hot swappable Hard Drive in front of desk
  • Easy access to front IO in front of desk
  • Remote-controlled Diffused RGB lighting with Wi-Fi integration
  • Customizable desk surface finish and removable magnetic IO panels
  • Electric Standing desk with Front Controls 
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Accessible back motherboard IO and GPU ports
  • Easy maintenance and access to internal components
  • Channels for cable routing
  • Solid construction to support heavy monitor arms and mounts
  • Custom Distro Options from Singularity Computers 


For those seeking further details on the gaming desk, let’s delve into its features thoroughly. If you’re interested in constructing this desk independently, you can find it in the description below, and the distribution blocks can be obtained from Singularity. Alternatively, if you prefer us to handle the construction, feel free to submit a custom build request. Now, let’s examine the desk more closely.

Starting with the PC integrated into the desk, which is arguably the most exciting aspect of the build. This is where we showcase the distros from Singularity. These were meticulously custom-built to fit xylem’s desk design, which was collaboratively developed by Overkill and Singularity from scratch.

The distro features alignment 90-degree bends, accommodating various tubing types seamlessly. The integration with the bottom distro and the desk itself is remarkable. You can house an EATX board, a three-slot GPU, and plenty of other hardware. Rear IO slots are also available for use. As for cable management, all cables are routed underneath the surface of the desk and under the distro, ensuring a clean setup. The desk incorporates ample cable management space, with removable panels for main wires that feed directly into the system via cable management covers, keeping everything neatly tucked away.

Another notable feature is the support bracket on the back, accommodating both a large monitor arm and a mic arm. The desk is designed to accommodate various finishes, from wood grains to colors. Additionally, removable magnetic panels allow for customization of the front IO and power button colors. On one side, there’s a hard drive cage, housing a hard drive cage with a removable cover for easy access to cables during installation.

Controls for the standing desk are located on the front side, allowing for smooth and quiet adjustments from a sitting to a standing position. Both sides and the front of the desk feature diffused RGB lighting, controllable via remote. The inside of the desk is reinforced with two metal support beams, capable of supporting heavy loads.

In terms of accessibility and maintenance, all motherboard IO and GPU ports are easily reachable, even with a monitor mount in place. The power supply is conveniently located, with a removable magnetic cover providing access to the power supply switch and cable. Another removable cover underneath allows for maintenance and access to the bottom of the PC, providing ease during the build process.

The airflow in the build is optimized, with push-pull configurations on each side, totaling 12 fans. Inverse blade fans and fan covers ensure efficient cooling without the risk of injury. Cable management is streamlined, with hidden RGB controllers ensuring a clean aesthetic.

In conclusion, we’d like to extend our gratitude to xylem design and Singularity for their collaboration, making this project possible. If you have any inquiries or if you’re inspired to build one yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

 If you’ve read this far you may be looking to work with us. We love to design and create massive builds all the time and we’d love to work on a Custom Gaming PC with you! Feel free to submit a form below to unlock a video chat with our team!

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