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Overkill Army

The Mission of Overkill Army

We are a motivated and respectful group of content creators. We aspire to always create better content together!

Who can Join Overkill Army?

Content Creators

Our Principles

Quality Creativity Positivity

Overkill Army is only as good as the QUALITY of content that we create. We believe that as Humans we were all designed to CREATE. Whether you are an Artist, Chef, An engineer or a Content Creator. There’s a reason it’s so rewarding to create! It bring us Joy to make things for others to enjoy!

Positivity is important, there’s enough hate and darkness in the world. It makes a lasting impact to make people smile or laugh! Uplifting others can change the trajectory of someones day, and even life! Abiding by these principles will be of the utmost importance of Overkill Army!

How to Join!

Go to the form below and follow the instruction on the form. We are looking for detailed content creators that can follow directions! So make sure you answer all the questions. In order to be considered you have to Submit ONE of the following items

1. An original Edit posted on YOUR social account.


2. You have to take the raw video files (in the form google drive) and edit it to a set of instructions (Best for NEW content creators)

A friendly tip: Creators who submit video that includes a voice over on their video with THEIR VOICE or creators who get on video and talk in front of the camera get moved to the top of the possible paid creator pile!


3. if you’re a streamer you have to submit a link to a recent stream. Streamers who communicate with the audience and show cam will get top of the pile!

Note: If you’re a content creator and streamer PLEASE submit both! There may be different opportunities for each at any time! 

Once the Form is filled out and your content is linked to the form you Submit a $10 registration fee, this fee covers us reviewing your video submission and makes sure we only have serious content creators and streamer submissions.

Keep in mind, this program is new! You are getting in on the ground floor on something exciting, we need a little time to build this program, but YOU will be a part of creating something new and being part of a group of like minded content creators! 

We are SUPER excited to get to know the Overkill Army team!