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This ultra sharp, mastercrafted mousepad features an engaging scene of two spaceships gracefully fighting in front of a glowing planet. Enjoy the professionally color graded and bright soft diffused light that highlights its intricate details, and stunningly beautiful volume fog and cinematic lighting. Get ready for maximum sharpness and exquisite details – center composed to perfect clarity with an f/1.8 85mm lens, and color graded to vibrant fashion-worthy saturation. Trending on Instagram and Tumblr, this impressive piece will look amazing in both your 4K and 8K displays. #spaceships #mousepad #QualityDesign #HDR4K #8K #OrangeandYellow #PlanetView #cameraFstop #colorGraded #intensityLight #realisticDetail #hyperrealism #HDRFog #volumetricFog

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