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https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ih_4Uz1mMF8?si=E2Pe_AZblzWxljCvThe Overkill Battle Station is a desk PC chassis with the ultimate features. You can order this desk directly from Xylem design and build it yourself! If you want a complete build with a custom Gaming PC in the desk

Overkill is known for turning gaming dreams into reality, and this project was no exception. When a gamer approached Overkill with a vision for their dream setup inside the O11 Dynamic with all copper tubing, the challenge was gladly accepted.

Calling all Star Wars enthusiasts and gaming aficionados – Overkill has once again ventured into the realm of custom gaming PCs, and this time, it's a galactic adventure inside the Lian Li V3000. Imagine a gaming setup that not only

In this unique collaboration, Overkill embraced the customer's desire for a personalized touch by allowing them to name their own gaming rig. The result? The birth of "Project Quasar," a name that adds a touch of celestial elegance to the

In a gaming world filled with custom builds and innovative designs, Overkill has taken things to a whole new level with "Project Unknown." What makes this build extraordinary? Well, imagine spending $15,000 on a gaming PC without having the slightest

When an Active Duty Marine approached Overkill with the idea of a gaming PC that pays homage to the rich history of the United States Marine Corps, the team enthusiastically took on the challenge. The result was "Project Iwo Jima,"

When the customer approached Overkill with a vision of the ultimate productivity and gaming rig, cost was no obstacle. The 27K PC was conceived as a statement piece, a symbol of exclusivity and unparalleled performance. With a budget that allowed